Public Administration and Regional Studies


PARS – Public Administration and Regional Studies – is the official scientific journal of the Faculty of Juridical, Social and Political Sciences, Galati, Romania, published in the field of public administration by „Dunărea de Jos” University of Galati. The excellent reputation of the Faculty of Juridical, Social and Political Sciences as a highly-esteemed institution has increased unceasingly and it is a known fact that our faculty has steadily attracted more and more students willing to enroll since its establishment. Our journal has certainly had its major contribution to this reputation having benefited along the years of the invaluable support of expert university teaching staff from our country or abroad. All these people have contributed to the reinforcement of PARS as one of great value in the domain of administrative sciences and regional studies.

The journal was founded in 2008 to stimulate the research in this domain and to encourage teachers, researchers and practitioners to disseminate the results of their work. Along years, there has been a great variety of topics related to the main scientific area and a permanent preoccupation with self-improvement and with raising the quality level. The scientific board is made up of distinguished academics from the national and international research field of administrative sciences. The selection process carried on by our reviewers has been based on rigorous scientific criteria and it has also constantly tried to provide an objective yet friendly analysis of topics presented by the authors in their submitted paper.

The texts of the articles are written in one of the two internationally spread languages, English, mainly, or French. By approaching subjects of maximum interest at present, the papers prove the importance of the joint effort of academics who share the same values and make their own contribution to the preservation of these values.

The journal may be consulted online as it has its own site, at, and it has acquired greater visibility by its being included on two research databases, EBSCO and REPEC.

Ph.D. Violeta PUSCASU
Dunarea de Jos University, Romania

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